It wasn’t pretty, but it was a perfect end

September 30, 2016

Sunny Atkins celebrated the Bombers grand final win with superstar dad, Chris Atkins.

The Kyabram Bombers didn’t win pretty but they won.

A season brimful of positives with no losses didn’t quite deliver the performance anticipated by the unstoppable Kyabram machine on GVFL grand final day.

But that’s being a little unfair to Rochester, who proved a worthy rival in the season decider.

The fact is though the Tigers still came up short like every other side has against the Bombers this season.

I touted pre-season this was the best Kyabram side in the 55 years I have been closely following Kyabram’s fortunes and I have no reason to change my opinion now, despite the closeness of the grand final showdown.

Rochester was gallant but Kyabram is still the premier.

Why Kyabram has been such a dominant force and the best side in my time in Bomberland is not about the talent in this side but more about the talent that isn’t.

Realistically there were 10 or more players who never got the selectors’ nod to be in the senior side on Sunday and instead played in the losing reserves side.

That was always going to be the scenario on grand final day if there was a full complement of players to choose from on Kyabram’s senior list.

Sam Sheldon was the only player who missed out on Sunday through injury who would have played in the senior premiership side if fit.

Thinking back to the start of the season when Kyabram at times had numbers almost for a full football team sidelined through injury to what transpired to grand final day was almost as remarkable as the Bombers’ record for the season.

I have no doubts that despite the disappointing reserves result for Kyabram most of those players could have still slotted into that senior side on Sunday with the same result.

There is a saying in football ‘you are only as good as your depth’ and in Kyabram’s case it’s been almost ridiculous.

And that’s why this Kyabram side is so good.

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