Bowls teams

October 19, 2016

The Matheson Shield v Stanhope at home.

Lead: M. Hateley, P McInnes, R Anset and B. Hatzie

Second: W Mackrell, M Boswell, G King and J Dixon

Third: K Button, D Cartwright and R George

Skip: R Sceney, R George, G Shilling and D Boswood

Division one v Mooroopna, away

Car: Thirds. Leave at 12.30pm

Lead: L. Dillon, P Lomas, J Portia and B Button

Second: J Hatzie, T Thomson, C Napier and D O’Brien

Third: C Preddy, J Hausler, G Scapin and P Kendall

Skip: P Denham, M Bradshaw, J Hausler and B Canute

Division four v East Shepp at home

Lead: N. Thomson, H Chapman, S Doherty and J Locke

Second: M Steven, L comer, I George and G Hocking

Third: K Risstrom, M Cox, B Lindsey and R Locke

Skip: N Dipetta, R Harrison, T Hazelman and T Van Geldere

Division six v Dookie, away

Cars: D Preddy and D Grills. Leave at noon

Lead: B. Evans and N Hateley

Second: J MacFadyen and D Preddy

Third: L Grills and F King

Skip: D Grills and H Tonkin

Bar: G. King and H. Chapman

Duty rink: G. Shilling.


Division one v Mathoura at home

Skip: Sam Lyon, Greg Lyon and Barry Tinning

Third: Peter Tinning, Garth Wiffin and Steve Hammond

Second: Nev Mackrell, John Riedell and Jim Oliver

Lead: Geoff Tinning,Allan Clement and Mel Mattingly

Division two v Mathoura, away

Skip: Keith Tinning, J. Rankin and Ken Campbell

Third: B. Payne, Ken Chapman and Brad Tinning

Second: Frank Walsh, Ivan Tinning and B. Belcher

Lead: G. Wells, Noel Lloyd and M. Golds.

Division three v Deni RSL at home

Skip: Phil Cooper, K Morris and Joy Makepeace

Third: Alan Davis, Ray Nurse and Lyn Oliver

Second: Wayne Andrews, Dave Keating and Dot Parkinson

Lead: Ian Parkinson, Betty Ozols and Lorreta Wiffin

Division four v Mathoura, away.

Skip: Phil Tucker, Fred Roberts and Gordon Sellears

Third: B. Crilly, S. Reid and W. Brann

Second: D. Campbell, L. Monk and K Walsh

Lead: A,H. Smith, F Maurer and S. Beach

Division five v Elmore at Home

Skip: K. Hanson and H Samuels

Third: C. Kelsy and L. Chapman

Second: G. Bradly and M Gahan

Lead: S Hocking and M. Smith

Valley View

Division three v Rochester at Valley View

Lead: Geoff Beamish, Sam Pulsoni and Rod Donohue

Second: Dave Clavell, Maurie Finn and Bill Murray

Third: Frank Findlay, Bob Greenaway and Rob Varcoe

Skipper: Graeme Topp, Rob Barrett and Jeff Keath

Duty team: Rob Barrett

Manager: Jeff Keath

Emergencies: Jill Barrett and Newt Tomasini.

Unavailable: K Hastie X 1

Pennant Practise After 5pm Friday

Working bee 9am every Tuesday


Division One v Mooroopna Golf at Mooroopna.

C French, J Bailey, G Pell and J Chant

C Baxter, N Arthur, J Firmer and J Arthur

G Hubble, B Parsons, S Coldwell and B Hubble

D Pettifer, A Earl, W Shepherd and G Mott

Cars: Clive Baxter, Graeme Hubble and Jim Arthur

Cars leave at 12.15

Division Six v Tatura at Merrigum

R Batt, C Quattrochie, P Hoare and J Gilbert

R Dennis, A Roberts, R Carver and N Gardiner

Duty Rink: John Gilbert

Be at the rooms by 12.45pm.

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