District bowls teams

October 26, 2016


The Matheson Shield v Nagambie -Away – October 29

Cars : K.Button, G.King, K.Hubble and M.Williams (Leave at 12pm)

W.Mackrell, D.Cook, K.Button and R.Sceney (S)

P.McInnes, G.King, B.Wright and D.Cartwright (S)

R.Anset, K.Hubble, R.George and G.Shilling (S)

J.Dixon, N.Reddrop, M.Williams and D.Boswood (S)

Division One v Seymour - Home

M.Hateley, M.Boswell, C.Preddy and P.Denham (S)

P.Lomas, T.Thomson, J.Hausler and M.Bradshaw (S)

J.Portia, C.Napier, G.Scapin and B.Canute (S)

B.Button, I.George, D.O’Brien and P.Kendall (S)

Division four v Mooroopna Golf - Away

Cars: Thirds (Leave 12.30 pm)

N.Thomson, M.Steven, M.Nowosad and K.Risstrom (S)

H.Chapman, L.Comer, L.Dillon and R.Harrison (S)

B.Evans, S.Doherty, H.Tonkin and B.Lindsay (S)

J.Locke, G.Hocking, R.Locke and T.Van Geldere (S)

Division Six: Bye

Bar - D.OBrien

Duty Rink P.Kendall

Valley View

Geoff Beamish, Dave Clavell and Graeme Topp (S)

Sam Pulsoni, Newt Tomasini, Bob Greenaway and Rob Barrett (S)

Rod Donohue, Bill Murray, SUB and Jeff Keath (S)

Duty Rink: Jeff Keath

Manager: Jeff Keath


Division two versus Tallygaroopna at Merrigum.

P Hoare, G Pell, J Firmer and J Chant (S)

C Baxter, R Dennis, P Warburton and J Arthur (S)

G Hubble, B Parsons, S Coldwell and B Hubble (S)

D Pettifer, A Earl, W Shepherd and G Mott (S)

Emergency: Norm Arthur

Be at the rooms by 12.45 pm.

Duty Rink: Jim Arthur

Division Six versus Dookie at Dookie

R Batt, C Quattrochie, R Carver, and N Gardiner (S)

C French, A Roberts, J Bailey and J Gilbert (S)

Be at the rooms by 11.45 am

Cars:Neil Gardiner and Carmen Quattrochie.

Emergencies: C. Firmer and M. Shepherd.


Division one v Deniliquin - Away

Mel Mattingly, Jim Oliver, Steve Hammond and Barry Tinning (S)

B Belcher, J Riedell, G Wiffen and Greg Lyon (S)

Geoff Tinning, Brad Tinning, P Tinning and Sam Lyon (S)

Division two v Rochester – Home

G Wells, F Walsh, S Tinning and K Tinning (S)

D Keating, I Tinning, N Mackrell and K Chapman (S)

M Golds, N Lloyd, A Clement and K Campbell (S)

Division three v Elmore – Away

B Ozols, I Parkinson, F Roberts and P Cooper (S)

F Maurer, L Wiffen, W Andrew’s and K Morris (S)

R Nurse, D Parkinson, L Oliver and A Davis (S)

Division four v Deniliquin – Home

K Haywood, A.J Smith, D Campbell and P Tucker (S)

L Monk, S Reid, S Kataja and B Crilly (S)

J Hammond, S Beach, B Brain and K Walsh (S)

Division five v Rich River – Away

K Robertson, G Bradley, M Gahan and K Hanson (S)

L Turner, S Mills, N Smith and H Samuels (S)

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